Monday, October 4, 2010

Italmeccanica-Torino Supercharger

Jealousy --just one way of describing my feelings. After just writing how much I would love to someday own one-of-a-few vintage Italmeccanica-Torino superchargers... but couldn't afford one. Who should drive into this weekends Throttler's show with one strapped to his flatty? Verne Hammond of the Burbank Choppers --o f c o u r s e!

Lovely piece of machinery, isn't it? As if the car weren't worth a load of cash before, he just upped the game 5 g's.

Verne had no trouble pronouncing 'Italmeccanica', it rolled off his tongue as if he were fluent in Italian --I had a little trouble. He mentioned early magazine write-ups saying the charger adds 75hp to a flathead at 8 psi. From way he tells it, I think Verne had a little difficult believing. But he does feel a noticeable difference compared to the naturally aspirated set up he had before, and I'd think he would. This is not a toaster we are talking about. Regardless of how it performs, it just looks right, as if it were made just for this car.

This is what Verne had one year ago, four pots on a Sharp intake:
This is for you buddy, thumbs up! Wait... maybe it's envy?

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