Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throttlers Picnic 2012

Year after year, the Throttlers Car Club Annual Picnic never lets me down.  The best Burbank has to offer can be found in one place.  By no means a large show, but the concentration of vintage rodders (and early rodders) is unprecedented. 

This year, fellow A-V8ers member Ollin Trujillo joined me in my car for the trip over the Hollywood Hills.  We got there nice and early, and as usual the pancakes were as great as ever --not to mention the company. 
Mike Degles' (right) beautiful A-V8

Once again, the conversations turn to back-slapping as we congratulate each other on what fine cars we drive.  I have to say, it's as fun as it gets.  Gosh, I really love vintage hot rods!

The time always flies when you're having fun.

With perhaps 200 great cars in attendance, there was plenty to look at.  Anybody can go, it's all free (pancakes breakfast is $6).  And it is a real,  honest-to-goodness hot rod community event.  It all feels comfortable, laid-back you know --no music playing, no products for sale.  Just a simple gathering of friends.

My friend Tim Cicora 21-stud powered V8, 1934 coupe drives great. Proving that this pre-war Davis intake & 2x Winfield carbs do work well on the street. 

Many enjoyed this ironic 1929 pairing.  The least expensive American made car that year, the Ford roadster Model A ($450 new).  Parked besides one of the most expensive cars, a Packard Dual-Cowl Phaeton, an exclusive car only for the rich & powerful.

Left to right: Tim, Mike, Henry, and Paul Ray II on camera.

Mike somehow had a cameraman there for a video, you can view it below. Mike edited it too, and has Glen Aliano doing music.

I even made the cut.  I'm driving my car near the end.

Big news --well not really.  After years of teasing, this custom Model T track roadster finally drives in under it's own power.  For the last three years at least, the builder has been trailering it in unfinished.  The cars has many handmade parts.  It's now as impressive now that it is done.

The weather couldn't be better, this was a great end to another car show season.

Many more cars from the show can be seen on the HAMB, click here.