Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hot Rod Disorder –One Year Later

Never did I think when starting this blog, I would have actually followers. The anniversary was actually two weeks ago. But I hadn’t notice until corresponding with Jared, or ‘McFly’ as he's known on the HAMB.

My original intention for writing was just a place fete my opinions for self-entertainment. And maybe a hot-rodder I didn’t know would read it, find it useful, or be mildly amused. But that is why every blog is written, right?

At first it was nothing special; I started it one day while bored at work. I didn’t have many subjects to write about, so I started with an introduction. Later, I used some of the discussions Ed Gallagher & I started in emails as a jumping off point for a post, like Power Plant Preference for instance. But now, the growing database (eyes rolling) is attracting more people every day. Basic Hot Rod Wiring, by far my most popular post, getting up to 20 search finds per day. Before that, I might get one view a day to the blog, maybe two. As a result, my Google search standing is higher.

My first was post was September 21, 2009.

Chapter II

October 30, 2009 --A simple Craigslist search while at work (I was bored that day) would change my life forever! The next morning I would be the owner of an actual “Survivor” hot rod (I have to thank my wife too). Owning a car like ‘Daytons’, is the once-in-a-lifetime experiences people talk about. It’s my honor to own this car --it felt more like a dream then reality taking the car home the first day. I hope to write more on the car that Bill Bair built, in future posts.

Overall, blog views are steadily going up. Obviously, actual tech articles are searched out more then opinion. So I’m planning some more tech. Soon you’ll be reading how I made my A-V8ers car club plaques from scratch --I poured 1250º aluminum in my backyard, it was thrilling!

Finally, the last thing I want to do is bore the reader of waste their time writing about stuff I do or opinions. So if you find any reason to add a comment or add your own opinions to my posts, please do, I welcome it, --questions too!