Monday, September 27, 2010


SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2010, LONG BEACH, CA --First-Annual Motorama comes to the Long Beach Arena. Hot rods & Custom showcases as works of art, it beckons days of old...

It Was Awesome!!! I've never been to a classier customs show. I really thought it would be all customs cars (as of a week ago), but there were lot of great looking hot rods also on display too.

I only found out Thursday that Piero, one of the organizers, was looking for vintage hot rods & survivors to display at the entrance to the arena. Had I known earlier, we all know Daytons would have been welcomed. Heck, it's as Long Beachy & survivory a hot rod as they come!!! I even started to compose an email Thursday night, but stopped before I sent it, I already knew it was too late.

I know you can find pictures from show all over the net, so... I'll show you my very favorite cars at the show, and a few other shots.
It's just a coincidence both cars are pink... coincidence.  But my favorite custom of the show was the 1961 Ford Galaxy Starliner.  Looks like something the Jetsons would be driving.  And favorite hot rod was the Model A coupe below.  These cars just appealed to me.

By the way, I got into the show for free --by accident!
There were no postings for where the show was on the street. So I parked at the convention center, not the Arena. I asked the Korean lady at a parking structure " show?" she said yes and hurried me in. I go in the convention center, and there is a coin show going on. A guard directed me to the car show 5 minutes walk around the building.
OK, I walk behind the convention center and right though the back gate of the car show, I was holding a photographers c-stand to give Tim Sutton, and wearing non-typical car show attire --as I do. The multiple security people (about 8) I passed, just smiled at me. Before I knew it, I was already in the show!?!

My favorite paint job of all time. Winfield Jade Idol
Last show for Penny Loafer.  Totaled on the freeway a month later.
Jon Fisher's custom 1936 Ford 3-window coupe
Too much good stuff
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