Sunday, February 26, 2012

BIG 3, It's An Understatement!

Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Parts, and More all at the Big 3 swap meet! This '41 Ford was $2895.
This is one huge swap meet!  2012 was my first year going to this San Diego annual event.  Guys have always said I should go, and now honestly I am hooked.  Believe me, I'll plan on it every year from now on!

This show is really about the parts! Frontenac "Fronty" T head.
Miles and miles of sellers, in row after row arranged without any real logical pattern.  And it's true --there is no way to cover it all in one day.  For me, two days wasn't enough!  I am sure I missed some of it.  There was part of the swap beyond the car corral I never saw.  Some were saying this was the biggest year yet.

I was able to go Friday for the half day, and all day Saturday.  By the end, I was worn out!
After seeing how big this swap meet was Friday, my plan for Saturday was to go to go around to the far end and work my way back.  Well that backfired.  By the time I got to the back end, my bags were so heavy with parts, I bought a $25 wagon to save my arms.
I know, it's hypocritical after bashing wagons in an earlier blog post, call me douche-bag if you like, whatever.  I needed help!

For the last two years, 2010 & 2011, the rain had flooded the grounds to where some parts & cars were feet deep underwater.  Aah... this year it was nice and dry, cool sunny weather.  May have been the reason sellers were in abundance.

So much to see, so much to buy! Need a tractor?
There was more then just cars to look and dream about.

That stock 36 convertible didn't have a for-sale sign, but it didn't stop me from wishing I had it.

Now this car was a great deal!!  Everybody loves a 32 roadster.
Not 2012 priced.  wow.

Travis Perich's T project car on sale.  He's got some skills.  More on this T roadster, click here.

Lots of odd items to see or buy.  Need an old TV?  Look for the "house trailer".

How about a Elephant 'foot' stool?  Says it was made in the 1950s, $1100.  Tempting...

Now, I was actually considering this.  It's a 40's sprint type racing car.  Aluminum body, Model T frame, 101 Halibrand QC, and Daytons Wire Wheels.  But I have a T racer, and I used to have Daytons, so... I didn't get it.

Now to the stuff I bought!  Here is Friday's haul:

16x3.5 wide-5 wheel, some crank pulleys, SW gauges, 25¢ wrenches, NOS parts, Lucas fog lights, chrome trim rings, spring perches, and more --and all for great prices!

I bought the red shift knob I've been looking for.

Saturday was the long day, but I found so much!

Lots of seat belts, Burns intake w/81 Strombergs, tar top battery, two 16x4 wide-5s, more gauges, more spring perches, club plaques, cheap license plates, and lots of $1 parts.

My biggest swap produced the biggest bounty.  I'm loving it!