Monday, October 31, 2011

Daytons is For Sale

Yes, it's true.  The Bill Bair's roadster that friends and I call "Daytons", is for sale.

I'm posting this exactly two years from the day when I saw this car for the first time and purchased out of that small Long Beach garage.  Ahhh... I can remember that day very well.

My hot rodding life has changes immensely by owning this car.  It's been the topic of more then a few blog posts here, which has kept you the reader, and me, entertained.  It's coolness has helped me make many new friends, in person & online. And it is now featured in two popular magazines, Rod & Custom's Little Pages, and now Rolls & Pleats.

Plus, I've learned a lot about hot rods simply by owning this vintage roadster for the short time.  New techniques & ideas, some of which I am already using on my current roadster built, the '27 T.

I am a lucky persons, I got to reintroduced Bill Bair's car back into the world.  I only hope Bill would have liked what I had done with it.  People really love to see this car, it craves attention.


. FOR SALE: Vintage 50's Hot Rod, A True Southern California Roadster

The new owner will get the whole package!  This car is more then meets the eye --you can change it's look to suit your pleasure.  It has a removable canvas top, a 3-piece hood, extra wheels with wide tires.

Everything you want, and more on a hot rod roadster! You can plainly see it's a Model A on a original 32 frame, but under that bonnet beat the heart of a winner. The Ford flathead engine is all vintage muscle. And just like the body it is custom everything!

A car with a long history and comes includes an album with many old pictures. The oldest dated photo is 1959, and some undated are older.

It is fun to drive, starts easily, shift well, stops well, and it gets a lot of attention.

The cosmetic condition of the car is less then great, the paint is fifty years old and has many scratches & chips.  All the chrome has aged, as has the rubber, and everything else in fact.  This is an untouched vintage hot rod, and it looks every bit the part.  Born right here in So. Cal. with hot rod history running through every part.

Update: Feb 17, 2012 Car Has Been Sold
The asking price was $35,000.

To learn more about this car, I've updated the roadster's page with all the statistics and new information.  Please click the picture on the left side of the page "Daytons" or click here.

If you have any questions or comments, would like to see the car in person, or to make an offer click this link to email me.


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