Sunday, September 18, 2011

Throttlers Picnic 2011

Another year, another great Throttler's Picnic.  Always a great turn out of friends and cool cars.  And I'm always meeting new people every year.  It helps to have a car at the show, that way guys will have something to talk about.

I took Bill Bair's car "Daytons", year #2 for it.  I picked a nice spot near the the cars of the Burbank Choppers --that way I'm sure to get into some peoples photos.

Local LA hot rodder and new friend Ollin Trujillo followed behind me to the show at 8:00. He drove his non-rod Toyota, but next year we're pretty sure he'll be driving his AV8 currently under construction.

Some great looking roadsters were there --this is So. Cal. after all.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Here is a great looking 32 roadster, it's got some speed parts on it:

It's always nice too see a good looking roadster with fenders.

Jon Fisher brought his latest acquisition, a 32 coupe rod/custom build by Valley Customs in the early 1950s.  A really good looking car from any angle, and great color too.

I liked this roadster too.  Mild rodding done in the late sixties I believe I was told.

Here is a nice Merc custom, not the usual lead-sled.  Another mild ride, it looks easily like it was right out of 1950 something.

It was easy to see it has a flathead V8.  The air cleaner caps were different, no screw on top.  Really clean engine though, I like it.

It may look rough, but this 32 is all together ready.

Check out the Stewart Warner vintage smooth bezel/curved lens gauge collection above, pretty sweet.

Some of you might have seen this car elsewhere, this roadster T is owned by Lynn Bird.  Lynn is talking with Jon Fisher before taking off from the show.

To see more, check out Chris Casny's awesome photos posted on the HAMB forum, CLICK HERE.


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