Monday, August 8, 2011

I Sold At The Long Beach Parts Exchange

Yes, I sold a lot of bulky things I will probably never use.  Feels good to unburden myself of some of those things.  I now have space --I can breath better.

Many thanks to all my friends that stopped by (in no particular order): Richard, Fred, Nick's Brother, Sam, Bill, Oggy, Hey --How's It Going Guy, Jim, Charlie, Sideburns, Dennis, Model A Big-Talker Guy, & East Coast Richard.

This picture was taken mid-day, so some of the parts were sold by now.

My E&J Type 20 Headlights are gone forever.  I sold those kind of cheap --a little regret there.  But that's ok, I doubt I'd ever use them, and I didn't loose any money.

Nobody bought the hoods, running boards, or 'A' bumpers though --they are pretty bulky parts.  I'll try Craigslist, I really don't want to put them away.

But all the wheel & tires gone!  Happy about that.

The best thing to happen was right at the end of the day, I found the 2.5-gallon WWII oil tank I have been looking for for two years!  "East Coast" Richard had it in his stall only 100 feet from mine all day and I didn't know it.
After I packed up at noon, I took a short stroll and there it was!!!  I left for home right after that, no need to keep walking.  I finally had the last major part for the Model T I wanted.

I found it at Long Beach: WWII oil tank, awesome hot rod material!


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