Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long Beach Model T Club Vintage & Classic Parts Exchange

...or as I like to call it, the LBMTCV&CPX.  The "T-swap" is annual 2-day event hosted by the Long Beach Model T Club starting on... Friday?  I'm guessing 98% of the members are retired.
Happily this year I was to be able to attend both days.  I spent about 10 over the two days searching the aisles and yapping it up with friends.

There are always cools cars to see and even better parts to buy.  Club swaps are always the best as far as bargain prices on hard to find parts.  I never try to miss them.

A very slick black 32 roadster, everything about it was cool.  Super nostalgic look with the Ford wire wheels, fenders, and chopped convertible top.

Odd that even the headlight rims are painted, but that adds to the nostalgia.

The roadster had a terrific interior to match the exterior.

A rare 1931 slant-window Victoria, this one has some very real, very rare hot rod parts.  Very Cool.
I mistook this for a 32 originally, thanks to reader Fred A for the correction.

Cragar wheel caps matched the Cragar OHV 4-banger engine. Polished E&J Type 20 headlights, but it looks like the original lenses were replaces with sealed beam bulbs.

How about a 1933 Lincoln Dual-Cowl Phaeton Touring Car.  Looks like it's in the middle or a restoration, but it's nice to see it anyway.

I couldn't find the owner to ask how passengers get into the back seat.

Lots of nicely restored Model T & Model A, like this perfect 29 roadster.  Quite a contrast from the hot rods I own.

1928 Whippet roadster,  A rare car today.

There were cars for all tastes.

A very early hot rod, they called them 'Speedsters' back then.

The car I drove... and the car I wish I were driving.

Of course I bought parts!!!

Super rare Sun 8000 rpm tachometer from 1947.  I'm pretty sure it is a early as it gets for Sun tachs.  And 8k, this is a real racing part!

I bought one of these filters at the LA Roadster Show swap and sold it on ebay --I did very well.  So I picked up a couple more.

And some other stuff.