Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 GNRS, Thursday

Thursday is the day of the show most people don't see.  It's the day owners, and helps, or the curious are milling about while cars are readied.  Some people are franticly setting up booths, or polishing chrome, and many are just enjoying the cars free of any boundaries like stanchions.
Hot rod luminaries can be seen or even approached like Neal East, Blackie Gejeian, Bruce Meyer.  And some of the younger rodders are there setting up booths or cars: Troy Ladd from Hollywood Hot Rods, Mike from H&H Flatheads, Tom Branch, or Chris Casny.

As for my car, it made it... barely.  Again it wasn't making it easy!  Last week the car started just fine --today, no spark.  It was a lot like the morning of the Pasadena Reliability Run.  This is one stubborn car!
No way was I not getting it to the show.  What it didn't know, was I rented a trailer.

Friends Ed, Tim, and Tim Jr from Denver, Colorado, were on hand to help put it on the trailer.  Yes, we did spend a good hour calmly trying to fix the problem.  But we really wanted to get to the show badly.

I am sure I am missing something in the wires we simply overlooked. But it will probably start next weekend with no answers to what happened.

We got to Pomona at about 1:20, and were beside Building 10 in an hour.  We pushed it right in and Axle Idzardi had a nice place for it right near the entrance, next to the stage.  Lost of people checking it out.

But bad luck stuck again.  My camera battery was dead --blast!  I only have the one picture off my cell phone on the trailer.  The rest of the shots are courtesy of the HAMB, where you can also find more show coverage.

Custom '55 driving in.
Tom Branch's roadster
Van'Go, familiar to HAMBers
Special gathering of historic custom car
And some not so special looking.  But very interesting, none the less.
I'll have more for you (with luck) tomorrow.