Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 GNRS, Sunday

The rain paused long enough to snap a photo of this coupe parked soaking wet.

It rained.

I survived.

Car survived... again. 

--thank you hot rod gods.

And here is the 2011 America's Most Beautiful Roadster, a 1934 Ford built by Squeeg's Kustoms:

2011 AMBR Winner, by Squeeg's Kustoms, Daryl Wolfswinkel owner
AMBR Trophy


  1. I love the coupe in the top photo.

  2. So many fantastic cars there at the show, and that coupe was on the low end! Poor thing, puddles inside.
    I am pooped out. Having a car in that show is a tremendous amount of work. I also got wet, stressed-out, Fairground food gave me explosive BMs, I cut my hand loading the car, and I spent $100 in gas. But I think I had fun?

  3. Sounds like "the notebook" time!

  4. That's what I get for sharing too much personal info! I think it's time to shave the beards. Right Travis?

  5. that ford on the top is clean.. i love it

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