Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New 'Stones for the T

My plan for yesterday was to post pictures of the T with the new tires.  I got a little sidetracked, thanks to Ryan and the HAMB. The Hot Rod Disorder got more views yesterday then all of September & October combined.  As well as three new public followers and I hope a few more bookmarks --welcome aboard guys, I'll try to keep you entertained.  And to everybody else, thanks for sticking with me.

On Sunday I got a few minutes to repair the new tire tube I busted and re-mount the front tire on the rim.  I could then put all the tires on the T for a look-see.  The other wheels in older posts were only temporary rollers, your average 16x4" wide-5.  These wheels you see today are the ones I really had to search for patiently.

The fronts are hard-to-find 16x3.5", and the rears are even harder to find 16x5" only made for 1939-1942 3/4 ton Ford trucks.  The tires are 8.90 in the back 5.00 up front.
The difference in size is immense! It's really pushing the boundaries of what was used in the 1950's.  Fortunately both tires were available back then. But really only the richest race teams could have afforded the newest Firestone offerings in race tires.  Your average 'run-what-you-brung' kid at the track drove in on hand grooved, balding, second-hand tires --or so I've seen in pictures.

You may also have noticed the car has seats now.  Yes, they are real WWII fighter plane seats, or "bomber seats".  I bought a matching pair from an aircraft restorer.  One good seat is hard enough to find, a matching pair? Nearly impossible... nearly.
As good as they look together, they don't both fit into a tiny T roadster cab.  If this were a '32, they'd be swimming with all that space!  But if you'll remember, I'll only need one, it's a "race car".  So I'll save the other seat for my next racer.

The key to making these tires look good is ride-height, the car has to be low. These tires are almost too intense, but they are growing on me.