Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blown Apart

I really wish I could have stood further back for a wider view of the mess I can create in a weekend.

To be able to weld on the frame requires completely taking apart the car, only having to put the car completely back together before the sun goes down on Sunday.  Monday through Friday the heap of parts has to be covered. It's to shield against the elements --not to mention it's a barrier from the nation's "Second dirtiest city (Los Angeles) in the US." according to an article my wife read in the NY Times today.  Bakersfield being the #1 dirtiest in America.  Good for Bakersfield, how often are they #1 at anything.

Not having a garage is a drag to say the least.  I'm still happy to have a secure place to build car. But seeing some people's garages can depress me.

By the way, it only takes two to lift the whole body off and onto a table.  It weighs about 200-250 pounds I'm guessing.