Monday, November 1, 2010

Ed Gallagher Is Building A 32 Roadster

I have mentioned it before, my personal good friend Ed (and fellow A-V8ers member) is building his very own 32 roadster hot rod.  It's going to be a full-on traditional ride, of course.  He's staring with an og. deuce frame.

I originally met Ed at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank just after he bought his first '28 roadster.  I was well along in the build of my first Model A/V8 at the time and we struck accord over our same tastes in Fords.  To his dismay, Ed is currently stuck in Denver Colorado.  But he will return to LA someday he says, he  loves it here.

Now that Ed has graduated to 32s and he has just begun documenting it in "So You Want To Build A 32 Roadster?", click the name to read his blog.  Then bookmark it, and follow along as he builds it from the ground up.