Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To T

Daytons has been eating up all my time since it came to me November '09. So I really haven't done much to the old T project out back --actually I have done nothing in almost a year.
Finally this weekend I welded up the rear cross member kick-up, once again bringing the chassis back to "roller" status. Meaning, I can roll it around instead of having it sit on stands immobile... like furniture.
The significance is twofold; finally the kick-up is off my mind, and I can move on to the next task.
Unfortunately, I misplaced the drawings I made of the kick-up, measurements, and other notes. So I spent much of Saturday re-measuring and trying to figure out what I had planned a year ago. The final look of the kick-up isn't exactly what I had in my head --a nice, gentile s-curve. Two 90-degree turns later --it's done!
Nobody will see it; it's in the trunk anyway.