Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At Least It's Not Denver...

I feel so lucky I can enjoy vintage hot rodding in its birthplace, Los Angeles. A perk is the consistently great weather. But lately, it hasn’t been so enjoyable. It seems to be raining every weekend. Unfortunately, I actually have to build my cars in The Great Outdoors. I have no garage. Hold for a small (very small) workshop, most everything is out under the stars.
Like many, I live in an apartment. Not far away is the house I grew up in. My mom still owns it thankfully. This is where I spend most weekends, outside, tinkering and fixing-up coveted jalopies.
Let me introduce you to the stable, all wearing classy winter regalia.
1927 Model T, on Model A frame. My on-going project, currently non-going. That's a new tire on the left, I normally don't keep it there. Wind isn't my friend either. If I don't have enough clips holding the plastic down --I'll let you imagine what happens.
The Daytons roadster. Doesn't it look great? All cozy under warm blankies. Wet weather causes ill effect on metal, paint, leather, wheel cleanliness, the polish on aluminum --shall I go on.
This is the driveway. Most hobbyists would be familiar with a sight like this, but most car enthusiast have indoor space too.
Still, I am a happy guy don't get me wrong. I have a secure, familiar workplace, rent free, I can do almost whatever I want. Although painting cars isn't the best, but I sweat the small the stuff.