Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Pasadena Roadster Club Picnic

Goldie, fresh with shirts on, ready for an exit --27 miles of windy roads ahead.
I never got the chance to do the Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run, the last run being 2010's.  This year I got word early that there would be a picnic for invited cars only.  I wasn't going to miss it this time!

Pasadena Roadster Club Picnic at Newcomb's Ranch 2012
myself, Frank, Chuck

PRC, unable to continue the the very popular reliability/poker run due to "clerical issues", settled on a picnic rather then skip another year with no events like 2011.

In my mind, I was thinking it was going to be something like the Throttler's Picnic --a shaded local park, pancake breakfast, lots of spectators, cool cars all around.

I found out later after contacting members of the club and excitedly telling them, "I so want to be a part of it!", that it was 27 miles inside the Angeles Nation Forest.  At a secluded rest stop, also known as Newcomb's Ranch.

David Steele musician/hot rodder drives the Sparks roadster

Oh, I was still looking forward to the event.  But I would have preferred it maybe not so far from civilization.  I knew that it being so far inside the forest would keep spectators away... and it did... very much so.  I have to tell you, I like spectators.  They make a show fun, busy, buzzing.

It didn't stop the fun we had.  I took my wife Wendy, she always makes anything more fun.

Wendy bored, shoots us in a reflection

I was already familiar with Newcomb's Ranch, I spent two weeks there on a low-budget movie shoot (nothing you'd ever heard of), shuttling actors back and forth from LA.  This was years ago when gas was $1.50.

But what I wasn't familiar with was the forest anymore.  I was a little blown away when I saw for the first time since the fire ravaged these hills for miles all around.  I can remember the fires of 2009, it was bad that year.  The one in Angeles was called the Station Fire; 160,577 acres burned & killed two firefighters. 

After lunch, more talk, European austerity I believe was the topic


So sad to see so much destruction, nearly every mile we drove was burned.  I want to fondly remember it as it used to be, because it will take a lifetime for the forest to return to the green-emerald like place it was.

The drive to Newcomb's was a blast.  Although Wendy & I got off to a bit of a late start because I was still working under the car at 7AM at morning making suspension adjustments.

The love of my life, and my wife

We left home at about 9:00, stopping for a bagel nearby.  We reached La Canada at 9:40 and topped the tank off.  There was a '29 tub filling up too, so I knew I was on the right road.

The forest, not as I remember it.  Result of the Station Fire.

After a pleasant drive through the windy roads, we finally pulled into Newcomb's at 10:30.  Third to last to arrive I beleive.

Lots of chatting with pals, staring at cars, hot rod parts talk of course.  Lunch was nice.  I made some new friends.  Wendy discovered Lilacs grow there (because it snows, Lilacs need a frost).  And then we were off by 2 PM, satisfied.

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