Monday, January 9, 2012

Swap Meet Wagons --Oh How I Hate Them!

The "Easily Tripped Over Wagon
Aagh! I've never been a fan of those hideous, derelict kid's Radio Flyers old guys drag around swap meets.  They are almost always walking slower then everyone else, and they selfishly take up more room in crowded aisles.

I especially like them less ever since I almost took a spill over one left haphazardly across an aisle by a careless owner last summer.  Sure they have to be helpful.  But you guys have got to be more conscientious of other people's safety! Duh.

So be wary of gaudy wagons and their unscrupulous owners. They are a menace to us all!

Dateline: Long Beach Hi-Performance Parts Exchange, 7:00 AM

The "Wagon Train"
Extra Wide

Here's one that is a foot wider then the average wagon.  Really, is that necessary?

The"Almost useless, just as dangerous wagon".

The "Wagon Carrying Wagon, Wagon"

This one isn't bad, it's a good size.  But it has tailpipes and no engine.

Growing too fast and paying the price...
Slick tires are for better traction.

Guilty! I own two wagons.  But I haven't "tricked them out", I also don't take them to swap meets (except for that one time to the LA Roadster Show).

The wagon getting humped is the one I've had since I was a wee' lad --I've repainted it twice.


Lowboy Swap Meet Wagons as seen at the BIG 3, San Diego 2012.
Dragster Swap Meet Wagon, tubbed w/wing & Nitrous. Long Beach, May 2012 
Roadster Pick-Up Swap Meet Wagon w/wires, headlights, & pistol grip. Pomona, April 2012
Most extreme! Everyone was gawking at this and the roadster version in toe. Big 3, 2013