Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LA Roadster Show Booty

Hand-picked by me: SW gauges, flathead tach drive, chrome timing cover, shocks, fan, 12V early FoMoCo bulb, engine stand adptr, ect.

The swap meet is what the LA Roadster Show is to me --treasures to found and purchased!  I almost literally count the days until the next show.  I save all the money just hoping to find the parts I've been dreaming of.

2011 was a little dry.  I only found a handful of parts I needed or bargain priced items to resell on ebay.  But the fun was is in the search.

The show is also a great place to socialize with other rodders.  I chit-chatted with a dozen or so friends I saw.  And a few gave me a pat on the back congratulating on the R&C Little Pages write-up. 

As always, there were cool cars all over the fairgrounds.  And for the last few years I've only trolled the swap meet area.  This years was no exception!  Despite their change up of the layout, all eight hours were spent swap-meeting.  But I managed to find a few swell roadsters to shoot, here are my favorites:

Orosco owned & restored 'Dick Flint roadster'.

An interesting custom roadster for sale.  Lead filled seams, chopped & channeled.

So-Cal Speed Shop dirt-track '32 --a remake I believe.  Full-racing car --I couldn't help but love it!

Jimmy Shine built Model A roadster. Superior build quality with many new & original details.


  1. Glad to see that I'm not the only one that counts the days until next L.A.R.S.! I mean really, cancel Christmas, just don't touch roadster show!!!
    Chip Quinn (need louvers ? from the h.A.M.B.)

  2. So true Chip! When guys like us go shopping, we mean SWAP MEETS!

  3. I planned on going for almost 350 days,
    and somehow missed it.
    One excuse was my lack of swap meet money.
    I'm surprised at the relatively small scores
    that friends found there,
    and my no $$ excuse has gotten weaker after seeing your post.

    That tach drive rig is totally bitchin,
    and I need to build a copy it if not find one.
    Unless you ebay it let me know!!
    Thanks for the pic!


  4. They truly are a work of art. Roadsters such as this were perfectly built with great parts that you can count on.

  5. Roadsters have really evolved from the past generation into the modern generation now. Roadsters of the past still remain in our minds as is still alive and in competition today.

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