Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm In Rod & Custom Magazine!

It just couldn't be a cooler feeling!  Sort of a mix of satisfaction, maybe with a little optimism, certainly pride in a job well done, and a splash anxiety to keep me grounded.

I didn't actually read it in the car --I read it in the store the moment I found it!
First owning the kind of car I only could drool over before.  Now to be validated with a feature in my favorite magazine --it just like dreaming (circa 2009)!  Bill Bair & Daniel Valles would be proud.

A full 6 pages, I was honored.
It kinda feels like I've won an award or something.  It really does!  An award for being at the right place at the right time maybe --and for also knowing a cool car when I see it.  Also, for knowing the meaning of "you snooze, you loose." A phrase that haunts me often, but not this time!

And like an award, I should thank some of the people who helped me in my success;  Wendy, I couldn't have done it with out you.  Sorry for only referring to you as "wife" in my article.  I love you babe.

If you've already read the article, you'll recognize the name Ed Gallagher.  Thanks to Ed for the technical help & support, and for the push to by the car that fateful night.  Also for being a hot rod nerd like I am.

Special thanks to Aaron Kahan of R&C for being so cool.  And to Rob Fortier, editor of R&C, for making me earn the credit in Little Pages.  I noticed nobody else wrote their own article!!!
Extra special thanks to Tim Sutton.  If you are ever as lucky as I am, you'll want Tim to shoot your car --ask for him by name.

I'll keep a copy of it my whole life.
Last, but not least, thanks to my mom.  Without her generosity, I wouldn't even have the room to keep a tool box let alone 3.5 cars in her driveway.  I promise to keep the noise down.