Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parts Listed, I'm Back In Business

In an effort to make some cash and clear some space at home, I've started to list parts on ebay again. I'm hoping to make selling vintage auto parts a habit once again.  Although it takes a lot of effort, the rewards can outweigh the work involved.

And so you don't think this is an entirely blatant attempt at getting more bids --I'm giving you, my loyal readers, a special discount.

If you win an item, I will subtract the price of shipping (up to $10 off) from the final value (but only antique car and speed parts at sell for over $10).  Just send me an email through ebay stating that you read The Hot Rod Disorder, and I will revise your invoice crediting you the price of the shipping.  So I guess it can pay to read my written rambling.

These are a few items that ended February 22, 2011:

All my items start at 99¢, even the intakes.  And I normally never have a reserve.  I like the action!

Here is 1950's 4x2 intake from Edelbrock.  It was to used on the 27 Track T, but now I have a Weiand 4x2 to match the cylinder heads.  This is a nice one!
Final Sale Price: (A somewhat low) $332

Here is an intake from the Bill Bair collection.  A very early BURNS intake for Ford Model A/B 4-cylinder engines.  Designed for use with a Stromberg or Holley, to replace the factory updraft carb.  Pretty rare, and old.
Final Sale Price: $170.50 (a fair price)

Salvaged from an impossibly poor GUIDE 682-C headlight, these were the only solid parts left.  They are perfect if you are missing a something.
Final Sale Price: $29.50 (another fair price)

And something I bought at the last LA Roadster Show swap as an impulse buy.  A very cool set of Ford script chopped out of a late 1930's commercial truck.  Beautiful natural patina.

I hate to give them up because they are really cool.  Ford used incredibly heavy steel for tailgates back then, easily more the 3 mm thick!
Final Sale Price: $202.50 (much, much better!)
There was a fierce bidding war in the last minutes. This makes up for the low intake sell price.

Selling on ebay use to be a regular thing for me.  Then things changed at work, and listing parts wasn't as convenient as in the past.  I was really good at it too (I'm bragging again).  So here's to new starts!