Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mooneyes X-Mas Party 2012

The cold December morning didn't deter the hearty, for the Mooneyes X-Mas Party crowd weather isn't a concern.

2012, the foggiest on record, brought in the biggest crowds with it to Irwindale Speedway as the show continues to grow year after year.  One could hardly walk the merchant's isles, where people were shoulder to shoulder shopping, gawking. talking and being merry.

And as always, Southern California dusted off its melting-pot and cooked up a full serving of real kustom car culture.  Our ladle was spilling over again with another colorful mix of super-nostalgic to low-brow rods & customs.

By 10 a.m. the sun was peeking through the clouds and the temperature was rising, but it never got as hot as the cars! Roadsters to coupes, sedans and even a speedboat, all in attendance.  There were superchargers, quickschanges, polished motors, chromes headers, and glitter paint to dazzle the eyes of the young and old.

Vintage Supercharged GMC 6 from the chevy sedan above.

Irwindale isn't known for great views! The only way to keep a speedway is to have noisier neighbors.
2012 will be known as the "Year Of The Vans"

It seemed everybody was having a great time.  Early arrivals were parked haphazardly in some areas, with many clubs hanging banners and pitching tents, with charcoal grills billowing the smoke from cooked meats.  At the far end, the gassers & rails-jobs where smoking something else --tires!

A friend of mine confirmed my observations that the show was a bit lighter in hot rods this year, with lowriders filling in more of the spaces.  Henry said, "I think all of El Monte is here." As the area is popular with tail-draggers, and happens to be next door to the city of Irwindale.

Another supercharger, this time on a Chevy in the 3-window '32 coupe above

Vans too had a bigger presence, I counted at least forty!  There were motorcycles also, and some were inside those vans.

These are Willys coupes.  One stock, one not >>>

San Diego's TRAVIS PERICH on the right, great car.

Irwindale Speedway is all about racing.  So after the fog lifted and the track cleared for racing, the sounds and smells of vintage races cars filled the air.  It was a run-what-you-brung (with tech inspection) on the 1/8-mile track.  It's all mostly for show, there were even a few cageless roadsters having a go at some legal tire smoking fun. 

We were in the lowrider mecca, so it only seems fitting to include at least one.

I really love 1936 Fords.  Here is one I liked --it's a little bit street rod, a little bit custom.

Book author Pat Ganahl with a very vintage, early rial job.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay past 2 p.m., but even then a steady stream of late-comers waking in from the only parking left that was on the street.

You wait all year for something, and then it's over so quickly! Still, thank you Mooneyes!

GMC 6 again.  Pat was racing this himself.


  1. Good coverage AJ!
    Missed seeing you up there.
    Place was packed!
    Thanks for the picture too!
    TP - (perich!)

    1. I always misspell your past name! Anyway I fixed it.
      I liked you Moon related posts too, and the rest. You have one of the most fun blogs;

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